Most temporary foreign workers require employment authorizations to work in Canada. Generally, these are issued only after a Human Resource Canada Centre is satisfied that there are no qualified Canadians or permanent residents who are available to perform the work. This “job validation process” can take several months to complete as it may require the Canadian employer to advertise the position, interview candidates for the position, and have a valid reason for rejection before an employment authorization is issued to a foreign worker.
One of the primary purposes of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is to facilitate trade and commerce between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.


If you are an American or Mexican citizen seeking to enter Canada on a temporary basis to engage in the trade of goods or services, you may be exempt from having to go through the process of obtaining a job validation or employment authorization from a Canadian Visa Post.


Thus, NAFTA eases the temporary entry requirements for citizens of the United States or Mexico, who wish to engage in the trade of goods or services in Canada. NAFTA removes the need for a Canadian employer to obtain a job validation. NAFTA removes the need for an employment authorization for business visitors. NAFTA permits the issuance of an employment authorization at the port of entry for professionals and intra-company transferees thus expediting the application process.


To qualify for NAFTA you must meet the following requirements:


     You must be an American or Mexican Citizen;
     You must be seeking temporary entry;
     You must qualify as a Visitor to Canada, (i.e.. You must not be criminally or medically inadmissible)
     You must qualify under one of the categories of a Business Person: