Business Immigration

There are three types of business immigrants

Investors are individuals with a net worth of at least $1600,000, and who must make an investment of $800,000 CDN with the Receiver General for five years.

Entrepreneurs are individuals with a net worth of at least $300,000, and who must create, actively manage a business in Canada for one year, and hire one full-time Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Self-Employed immigrants must demonstrate that they have the relevant experience,intention and ability to become economically established in Canada by creating their own employment and contributing significantly.

Financing Option for the $800,000 for Investors

We can arrange the choice of two attractive financing facilities, both of which include an attractive one year complimentary banking services and privileges with a Canadian Bank (details below):

This package is to assist you in completing the C$800,000 investment requirement. You must first deposit approximately C$220,000 (subject to interest rates) . In return, the bank will provide you with a loan, to complete the C$800,000 investment requirement under the Federal Program. Once the loan is advanced, no monthly payments are required to service the loan with Bank, and you will not receive any interest or capital return at maturity. The total cost of this Up-Front Financing Package (Federal) is therefore limited to your initial C$220,000 deposit.
Under this option, you must first make the entire C$800,000 investment under the Federal Program. After obtaining your Permanent Resident Visa and settling in Canada, you may apply for our Flexible Financing Package. This option provides you with a personal line of credit with the Bank at prime rate of interest, using your C$800,000 investment in the Federal Program as security